Anonymous asked:

I've always been curious.. & not a big fan of people who do it. But again.. me being curious. How does one do a burn out?

ejz31 answered:

Step one: Push clutch in. 

Step two: Rev engine to desired rpm range.

Step three: Quickly dump clutch while moving left foot the brakes quickly

Step four: Apply brakes hard and step on the gas more

Step five: Shred dem tires yo





Or….right food on brake and pivot heel over to stab gas while still braking. Way easier

Naw. You gotta do it right.

Y’all know nothing about burnouts, typical Americans. Let an Australian teach you how to do a correct burnout.

Step 1: find appropriate vehicle, ie a VN commodore

Step 2: ensure vehicle has cut rear springs and a welded diff

Step 3: clamp rear brakes with vice grips or hose clamps if you are a rich motherfucker

Step 4: put that fucker in D and jump on the brake and throttle

Step 5: listen to the 3.8 go mangmangmangmangmangmangmang

Step 6: wait until you hear rubber slapping your rear quarters and release the brake

Step 7: scream “fuck yeah!” whilst driving past the crowd which would no doubt amassed to witness the fury of your skidding ability.

^Can confirm, proper way to do it.

except for one crucial step. Car must have oem steelies on the rear, with oversized wheels from current range of HSV cars on the front